Research methodology

The research that Protect our Place is conducting is crucial in ensuring local community groups are better supported in the future. The primary objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase understanding of the amount, type and range of community action to protect and promote the local historic environment
  • Identify the issues on which such action is focused and what support is needed
  • Increase understanding of the motivations and values behind such community action
  • Inform the future direction of the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP)

The primary source of data will come from the Protect our Place survey, which will be released at the end of September 2012. This will ask a mixture of qualitative and quantitative questions, giving individuals a chance to provide a very detailed description of their group, and any issues that they may wish to raise.

The survey will also be supported by several case-studies conducted by the Protect our Place team. These will consist of site visits, and focus groups to elaborate on certain elements that the survey cannot cover.

Finally, there will be three national events held by the project that will primarily be data gathering exercises. These will use workshops and one-to-ones to further explore the real issues that are affecting local community groups.

The research will then be presented in a final report in April 2013, presented to English Heritage to help inform the next stage of the National Heritage Protection Plan. This report will be publically available, and further news concerning this will be published on the website.